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Things are looking up!

11 Feb

With the doom and gloom of the recent weeks’ rain and storms, you may wonder what we are referring to.

Well, we are very pleased to let you know that 2013 saw the first year on year increase of replacement window and door installation notifications since 2007.

Not only can we bring you that great news but also the figures show that during 2013 there have been 4.5% more installations than 2012. So it certainly seems like things are looking up.

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So how do we know this? Here at FENSA, we collate the installation numbers to enable us to compare different years, quarters and even months. For example we know that notifications in December 2013 were up by 25% on December 2012. Of course all this information is very useful statistically but more than that it provides a vital insight in to the health of our industry.

The figures we have just published are very encouraging, with 75% of monthly notifications in 2013 higher than 2012 as can be seen below:

April 2013 +11.3%

May 2013 +2.9%

June 2013 +12%

July 2013 +9.9%

August 2013 +5.5%

September 2013 +13.2%

October 2013 +0.5%

December 2013 +25.2%

The total number of installations for 2013 was 702,495, quite an amazing figure, although still 27% lower than the highest point in 2007. But seven years on it appears our industry is now going in the right direction and hopefully this growth will continue throughout 2014. Look out for our quarterly figures which we will be publishing during the year.

open window

We mentioned at the beginning of this blog the bad weather that has plagued us for the last few weeks and would like to know if you have found it has affected your business. Please let us know about your experiences in the comments below.


New Year Resolutions

6 Jan

As 2013 fades in to memory the Fenestration industry is moving forward in to a new era.

By the end of June this year all our installers and surveyors must be MTC compliant and have transitioned to Certified Installer status to be able to continue to self-certify.

Why not make some New Year resolutions to ensure you have dealt with these two major changes so you are all set up and ready for 2014?

Let’s have a re-cap on what you need to do.

Minimum Technical Competencies (MTC) are a mandatory requirement for all installers and surveyors registered with a glazing Competent Person Scheme. They were introduced to the fenestration industry in September 2012 by the government to improve standards in the replacement glazing sector. You must be able to demonstrate certain experience, knowledge and competence to achieve compliance. The FENSA MTC Card has been designed to be the simplest and most cost effective route for you to satisfy these requirements.

So, your first New Year resolution is to just click this link and get the ball rolling. Don’t forget it takes a minimum of three months, so you will need to start your MTC compliance process before March 2014.


Now, what about your second New Year resolution? As you are probably aware the government has introduced revised Competent Person Scheme (CPS) requirements. This means all window, door and roof light replacement glazing CPSs have to transfer their existing registered companies from self-certifying under the old CPS, to self-certifying under the revised CPS requirements. You must have transitioned by the 6th June this year to be able to continue to self-certify. These transition inspections have already begun.

We are holding two webinars looking at Transition to the revised Competent Person Scheme requirements in January as follows:

  • Thu 16 Jan 2014  (7pm – 8pm) Book your free place here
  • Wed 29 Jan 2014 (1pm – 2pm) Book your free place here


You can also join us for our Q&A sessions about MTC and Transition on Twitter. If you do not have a Twitter account, it is free and is easy to set up an account at https://twitter.com/signup.

To participate, simply log into your Twitter account and tweet us your question: @FENSA_Windows

  • Tue 14 Jan 2014 Transition (1pm – 2pm)
  • Thu 23 Jan 2014 MTC (1pm-2pm)
  • Tue 4 Feb 2014 Transition (7pm – 8pm)
  • Thu 13 Feb 2014 MTC (7pm-8pm)
  • Wed 26 Feb 2014 Transition (2pm – 3pm)
  • Tue 11 Mar 2014 MTC (2pm-3pm)
  • Wed 26 Mar 2014 Transition (7pm – 8pm)

Question _130787843

We are trying to make this Transition as easy as possible and have published our ‘Guide for Transition to Certified Installer’ which you can find in your installers’ area at http://www.fensaonline.com/

So, make your second New Year resolution to begin your Transition process now to ensure you are fully compliant by the end of June to continue to self-certify.

Transition to Certified Installer

3 Dec

As you are probably aware there are major changes and improvements taking place in the Fenestration industry, with the introduction of Minimum Technical Competencies (MTCs) and Transition to Certified Installer status (TCI). It is important to be well informed and keep updated. To that end we hope our Q&A sessions on Twitter and more recently, our online Seminars are proving to be very useful to our installers.

In the New Year we will be holding two webinars looking at Transition to the revised Competent Person Scheme requirements as set out by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). This is where all window, door and roof light replacement glazing CPSs have to transfer their existing registered companies from self-certifying under the old CPS, to self-certifying under the revised CPS requirements.



We will issue details of the dates and times of these webinars shortly and how you can register for your FREE place. Each Webinar is an hour long session packed with information and there will be questions answered at the end of the presentation. Once you have registered all you will need is a computer with a speaker and of course an internet connection.

All installers must have transitioned by 6th June 2014 and the inspections have already started.

We are trying to make this transition as easy as possible and have also published our ‘Guide for Transition to Certified Installer’ which you can find in your installers’ area at http://www.fensaonline.com/

In the guide you will find a document check list that you can work through to make sure you have everything you need. It is important to have the correct documentation available to the inspectors to avoid an inspection failure.

Don’t forget, we are also hosting a series of FREE one-hour online twitter Q&A sessions to answer your questions on transitions:

Q&A Twitter Sessions – Transition to Certified Installer Status Schedule

Wed 4 Dec 2013 (2pm – 3pm)

Tue 14 Jan 2014 (1pm – 2pm)

Tue 4 Feb 2014 (7pm – 8pm)

Wed 26 Feb 2014 (2pm – 3pm)

Wed 26 Mar 2014 (7pm – 8pm)



Our next Q&A session on Twitter 4th December 2-3pm will provide an opportunity for you to ask your questions about Transition to Certified Installer and we hope you can join us. If you do not have a Twitter account, it is free and is easy to set up at https://twitter.com/signup. To participate, simply log into your twitter* account and tweet us your question: @FENSA_Windows


shutterstock_116484019 workmen


26 Nov

You may have noticed for several months now, we have been doing all we can, via our social media, website and free online seminars to bring information to all our installers about Minimum Technical Competencies (MTC).


The government has introduced MTC in an effort to raise standards in the replacement glazing industry. MTC are a set of criteria that installers and surveyors are required to meet when replacing windows and doors in domestic properties. MTC are mandatory and you must be able to demonstrate you satisfy MTC requirements to continue to work through any of the glazing Competent Person Schemes (CPS). There is also a time limit to become MTC compliant. All installers and surveyors must be able to show they are MTC compliant by 6th June 2014.

Well, those are the facts in a nutshell. Now, let’s answer some of the questions that have been put to us over the last few months about becoming MTC compliant.

What are other CPS doing about MTC?

The government is allowing each CPS to develop their own scheme to meet the MTC requirement.

Why do I need a FENSA MTC Card?

It is a government requirement. MTC have been in existence across other building sectors for some time, such as electricians, heating installers, plumber or gas engineers.

How long does it take to become fully MTC compliant?

It takes a minimum of three months so you will need to start your MTC compliance process before March 2014.

Where do I sign up?

Just follow this link to the FENSA website

How much does it cost?

It is dependent on the route you need to take. Please see the costs below and check out the website for more details.

  1. Industry Experience Route – £299 +VAT
  2. Undertaking Relevant Qualifications – £30 +VAT plus the cost of taking an NVQ
  3. Have Relevant Qualifications – £30 +VAT

Why does it cost so much?

The FENSA MTC Card is much cheaper than other schemes in construction sectors and remember the cost only equates to just £1.15 a week if undertaking the industry experience route.

Do I or the company I work for have to be FENSA Registered?

The FENSA MTC Card is held by the individual and is open to everyone in the industry – installers and surveyors who are FENSA registered and those who are not registered can apply. It is transferable across employers and other replacement window and door CPS.

Want more Information?

Webinar (Online Seminar): We would like to invite you to attend our Free Webinar on Thursday 28th November, where we will present more information and answer your questions on MTC. Make sure you check our blogs regularly as we will continue to update you. Click here to register http://www.fensa.org.uk/mtc.aspx


Twitter Q&A Sessions: FENSA is hosting a series of FREE one-hour online Q&A sessions to help installers. This is the chance to have your questions answered about the FENSA MTC Card. To participate, simply log into your twitter account and tweet Question _130787843@FENSA_Windows your question during one of the twitter Q&A sessions below.

  1. Thu 12 Dec – 7-8pm (MTC)
  2. Thu 23 Jan –1pm (MTC)
  3. Thu 13 Feb – 7pm (MTC)
  4. Tue 11 Mar – 2pm (MTC)

G13 Awards Best of Luck!

28 Oct

We all know how important it is to recognise hard work and dedication, and the Fenestration industry is no exception. The annual G Awards are held to celebrate the outstanding performance of companies and individuals in our industry during the year. The Awards are a great opportunity to raise morale, and show the public the outstanding products, services, development and innovation from all areas of our industry.

It is a particularly exciting event this year as the G Awards celebrate their 10th year on 29th November making these the G13 Awards.

FENSA is proud to be one of the main event sponsors. Here is a Gallery of some images of last year’s awards to whet your appetite.


It is free to enter the Awards and there are 12 categories to choose from. They are open to everyone and you can enter as many categories as you wish. To help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the awards, new categories have been added. However entries have closed now so if you have missed the deadline, remember to put a date in your diary for next year’s G14 Awards.

The organisation for the G13 Awards is well under way and the finalists have been announced.


We would like to take this opportunity to wish all the finalists Good Luck!

A great event is always made even better with good food and entertainment and to that end the G13 Awards evening finishes with a Gala Dinner at the London Hilton.


The G13 Awards will be hosted by comedian; author and TV presenter Dara O’Brian who we are sure will make for an entertaining evening! We hope you can join us but please be aware booking is essential.

The Jargon!

9 Sep

What is a MTC card? What does FENSA stand for? These and many more are the sort of questions we are asked all the time. So we thought it would be a good idea to write a blog explaining some of the jargon!

shutterstock_110485376 discussion

OK, let’s start with:

FENSA is an acronym for the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme. It was set up following government encouragement, by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) and other industry bodies as a result of the change in building regulations in April 2002. FENSA allows registered installers to self-certify their work conforms to the building regulations.

Revised glazing CPS requirements have been set out by the government. Transition to certified installer is the process whereby a registered installer makes the transition to certified installer and by doing so fulfils these new requirements. Transition needs to be completed by June 2014 or the installer will no longer be able to self-certify. These measures will increase standards within our industry. For FENSA installers, there is a full guide to the transition together with a document check list available at www.fensaonline.com.


MTC stands for Minimum Technical Competencies. These are a set of criteria introduced by the government that installers and surveyors must meet when replacing windows and doors in domestic properties. Every installer and surveyor must be able to satisfy MTCs by June 2014 to continue working through any glazing Competent Persons Schemes.  MTC compliance work hand-in-hand with the declarations of installer and surveyor experience or qualifications made by installation companies as they transition to Certified Installer status.  The FENSA MTC card is the easiest way to demonstrate compliance cost effectively and applications are open to everyone who is a member of ‘any’ replacement window/door glazing Competent Person Scheme. Register for your FENSA MTC Card at http://www.fensa.org.uk/mtc.aspx

The DCLG is the Department for Communities and Local Government which is a ministerial department. One of its responsibilities is making the planning system work more efficiently and effectively.


UKAS is the abbreviation for the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. The government recognises this body to assess internationally agreed standards are met. FENSA is UKAS accredited.


The Green Deal is a government environmental initiative to enable homeowners to make energy saving improvements to their home without paying the costs up front. Double glazing is included in the Green Deal. FENSA is a UKAS Green Deal Certification Body which means we can provide assessments for our companies to become certified as Green Deal Installers.  FENSA installers who wish to become a Green Deal certified installer with FENSA can email enquiries@fensa.org.uk or phone 020 7645 3700.


TrustMark is a government endorsed scheme to help homeowners find trustworthy and reputable trades’ people. FENSA has been an approved TrustMark Scheme Operator since 2007 which means, if you want to register for TrustMark, as a FENSA registered business, because you have already been vetted, you automatically qualify (Providing you have traded for 12 months).

shutterstock_99436700 Thumbs up


Well how did you do? Did you find some useful information in our definitions?



MTC Update

19 Aug

Following on from our installer question time on the topic of Minimum Technical Competencies (MTCs) we have written this blog to bring together the concerns and queries that were raised during the session. It seemed most helpful to list the questions with an explanation of the answer.



One of the major confusions was whether the MTCs are the same as Transition to Certified Installer status?

No, the MTCs have been introduced by the Government to allow the individual to improve their credentials. The Transition to Certified Installer status relates to the registered company.

I already have a CSCS card so why do I need another card?

The CSCS card shows compliance within the construction industry but is not relevant to the domestic replacement glazing industry. It is now a government requirement to have a MTC card for our industry.





I am not FENSA registered but heard I can still apply for a FENSA MTC card.

Yes that is correct. The FENSA MTC card is transferable across employers and other glazing Competent Person schemes. So even if you are registered with another glazing CPS you can still have a FENSA MTC card. The card is individual to you and is recognised throughout the industry.





I have registered for my FENSA MTC card but not heard anything. Should I reapply?

No, if you successfully registered for your MTC card we will soon be in touch. We are working our way through the 1000 plus applications we have received to date!

Will the MTCs make any difference to the homeowner?

Yes, earlier this year we undertook a nationwide newspaper campaign to make the homeowner and the general public aware of the benefits of using an installer with an MTC card. We are committed to raising consumer awareness of the benefits of using a FENSA registered company and will continue this campaign throughout 2013 and in to 2014.

I replace domestic glazing through the building control route and am not part of a CPS. Do I still need a FENSA MTC card?

No, in this instance you do not need to comply with the Fenestration industry’s MTCs. However you are still welcome to apply for a FENSA MTC card as it is a great opportunity to improve your credentials and to improve the professional image of the industry as a whole.

We hope you find this blog post a useful source of information about MTCs. Please look out for our future installer question times on Twitter where we aim to keep you fully informed of changes and improvements to our industry.