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23 May

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26 Mar

Triple glazing…Not tempted then?

5 Mar

Recently we asked the same question on our Fensa Fitters Poll, and our Facebook page. “Would you be tempted by the benefits of triple glazing?” A simple “Yes / No” answer…The results were quite surprising…


On our Facebook page, 62% of people were interested in the potential benefits of triple glazing, while on our Fensa Fitters poll; only 46% of you were tempted.

Perhaps the reason for the difference is that on our FENSA Fitter poll, more people from within the industry answered the question, and had already made their mind up to the subject. On Facebook, we likely had more consumers answering who may be more open to the possibility of triple glazing.

So do consumers and members of the industry need to remain open to the benefits and idea of Triple Glazing? Have many of you made up your minds already? Or is it simply something you haven’t thought about and won’t until it comes to replacing your windows?

Please have your say below in our comments. We are interested to know what you think are the benefits of triple glazing for you, what are the downsides, and would you be tempted to install Triple Glazing when you need to replace your windows?

Choosing an installer

2 Mar

Making sure we chose the right workmen is always a concern, especially for areas in which we may not know that much about. There are so many horror stories of cowboys that many of us end up dreading getting work done in our homes. So how do you choose a tradesperson, or in the case of replacement windows, a window installer?

Choosing an installer, how do you do it?

Well in a recent poll, we asked what factors influence you before you contact a window company. We conducted this poll for two main reasons, the first to understand the main influences we have as consumers in making this decision, and the second to highlight areas that are increasingly becoming more influential to consumers.

Good old word of mouth –and FENSA registration

It seems that the majority of us still rely on references by our friends or colleagues when choosing an installer. There is nothing wrong with this, and it was of no surprise that this option topped our poll. After all, we trust our friends and colleagues, so if they recommend a firm, and they have had a good experience with that firm, then you will be confident that they are capable of doing the same for you.

A firm being FENSA registered received the same amount of votes (28% of the total vote) as word of mouth. This is great news and shows that searching for the FENSA logo is a strong influence when choosing an installer. It also shows that people understand the FENSA logo and what it stands for, which is equally good news.

If you don’t know what FENSA is, or why you should look out for the FENSA logo, then please have a quick read through these posts. and

More word of mouth…

Interestingly, the third highest influence still revolved around word of mouth (well a form of it), this time in the shape of social media engagement and a positive online experience. It seems many of us read online reviews and we like to engage in discussions online. Firms that have positive online reviews and that engage online (via such as Twitter, Facebook and other online forums and blogs), stand a better chance than those who don’t when trying to win new business.

This form of word of mouth and engagement is still relatively new, so it being the third most influential reason in our poll was a little surprising. It does though illustrate just how important the web has become to business, and how consumers research and now actively choose to engage with other consumers and businesses via the web. It seems a good online presence is becoming increasingly more important and it is no longer just about having a good website.

Other factors

Other popular factors included membership of trade organisations, one in particular being The Glazing Ombudsman (TGO).  TGO was the 5th most influential factor in contacting an installer. This result shows how important Ombudsman schemes are to consumers, especially as TGO scheme has only recently been announced.

Online advertising was a low factor, with only 3% of those being polled stating online advertising through such sites as Google, as being a positive influence. Does this highlight a shift in influence from search engines and adverts to a more “social” form of communication? Based on our poll, we think so.

So what do you think of your results? Do you agree? Do let us know…

Got a FENSA certificate?

9 Dec

Since April 2002, homeowners need proof that their replacement windows meet current building regulations. Do you have proof that they do? If you used a FENSA installer then you will have received a FENSA certificate, that can be used as proof of compliance when needed. In our latest poll, we ask if you have had replacement windows installed, do you have a FENSA certificate?

Please take a few seconds and let us know…

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28 Sep

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Triple Glazing…Interested?

6 Sep


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