Hello, and welcome to our blog all about FENSA Fitters. Who are they, you may ask?

Well, FENSA is a government scheme that provides homeowner protection when you are getting some lovely new double glazing fitted. A ‘FENSA Fitter’ is a window installer that is registered with FENSA. A FENSA Fitter is regularly assessed by an ‘independent inspection body’ to ensure standards are continually maintained. Using a FENSA Fitter also means you get a certificate confirming your building is compatible with building regulations, without the added cost and hassle of organising a separate assesment building control.

The content of this blog is put together by the FENSA team www.fensa.org.uk to help you out when you are getting new windows or doors installed. Lets face it, life is so complicated nowadays, this blog aims to make replacing your windows that little bit easier! Do please ask us if you have any questions and we will do our very best to help you

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