How our webinars work

28 Feb

Are you interested in attending FENSA’s free one hour online seminars, (webinars)? This blog will show you how easy it is to register, attend, ask questions, provide feedback and receive a recording of the webinar.


So, let’s start at the beginning. You will find details of the webinars such as dates, times, subjects and registration links throughout all FENSA’s social media, the website and the installers’ area. You will need to have access to a computer, internet browser, internet connection and a sound system.

Once you have decided on the webinar you wish to attend, you will need to register your free place. The registration link will take you straight to the registration form which only takes a couple of minutes to fill in. On completion of the form you will receive a registration confirmation email. This email will contain the details of the webinar and your personal registration link to use to attend the webinar when it takes place. In the run up to the webinar you will also receive a timely reminder email on the day before and an hour before the webinar starts.

It is a good idea to allow yourself ten minutes or so before the start of the webinar to click your registration link and follow the simple instructions to get set up.

Now sit back and listen to the webinar speaker. There may be an onscreen presentation as well. Depending on the format of the webinar, there is usually an opportunity to ask questions. This is done by just typing out your question and sending it. You do not have to speak.

Question _130787843

After the conclusion of the webinar, you will be sent a thank you email with the opportunity to provide us with your feedback by completing a short survey. We then collate all this information to help us plan future events. Once the surveys are received we are then able to email you a link to a recording of the webinar for your records. The recording can then be referred back to at a later date.

FENSA’s programme of free one hour webinars provide a great deal of useful information and answers to your questions and are an opportunity not to be missed.

The details of our next three webinars on Transition to Certified Installer Status and the MTCs are below.

Hope you can join us.

Pass your Transition to Certified Installer Status

Thursday 6 March 2014 Time: 7-8pm
Book your free seminar place here,286TR,76KK80,82C4U,1

Thursday 20 March 2014 Time: 1-2pm
Book your free seminar place here,286TR,76KK80,82C4U,1

Pass your MTC Assessment

Thursday 27 March 2014 Time: 7-8pm
Book your free seminar place here,286TR,76KK80,82C4U,1


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