The Consumer and the Changes!

26 Feb

As a regular reader of our blog you may have noticed a lot of talk about Transition to Certified Installer (TCI) and the FENSA MTC card. This may have all seemed like a foreign language to you as at the end of the day, what you are interested in, is a job well done and a FENSA certificate, so you know your installation complies with Building Regulations. This is essential if you are thinking of selling your property in the future.


The key thing here is you want a job well done. The government has introduced revised glazing Competent Person Scheme (CPS) requirements to help to ensure just that, by further improving standards in the domestic replacement window and door industry. In addition to the revised TCI requirements, the government now requires all registered installers to comply with the industry’s Minimum Technical Competencies (MTC), an opportunity for individual installers and surveyors to improve their credentials and registered companies to improve the skills base of their workforce.

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So how will these improvements to standards affect you, the consumer?

Let’s start with the revised glazing CPS requirements. These were introduced by the Department for Communities and Local Governments (DCLG) in 2012. With over 8,000 registered companies in FENSA alone needing to transition, the deadline for compliance is set as June 2014. Once a company has registered on the revised scheme they are known as ‘Certified Installers’. This will result in a further increase in workmanship standards and customer service. Great news for the consumer!

So what about the FENSA MTC card? All installers who work within a Competent Person Scheme such as FENSA will need to be compliant with the industry’s MTCs such as holding a FENSA MTC Card. This is similar to the sort of card you will have seen held by electricians and plumbers. As the name suggests, the FENSA MTC card will let the consumer know the installer and surveyor is well qualified, with qualifications such as NVQ Level 2 and from online tests. It is great to know your installer has the skills and competencies to carry out your installation to a nationally recognised standard. The FENSA MTC card also shows the identity of your installer so you know exactly who you are dealing with, and will help eliminate rogue traders. The card is very sophisticated as the data held on the installer can be viewed by scanning the card with a smartphone. The installer and surveyor’s experience, training and qualifications will all be shown and the technology ensures the data is always up to date. Standards will be maintained with the MTC cardholder being re-assessed every five years, to ensure they have kept their skills and knowledge current and they are up to date with any further changes that have been introduced.

So there you have it! Just by choosing a FENSA registered installer, the consumer can be assured of the highest possible standards in the Fenestration industry.

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