Things are looking up!

11 Feb

With the doom and gloom of the recent weeks’ rain and storms, you may wonder what we are referring to.

Well, we are very pleased to let you know that 2013 saw the first year on year increase of replacement window and door installation notifications since 2007.

Not only can we bring you that great news but also the figures show that during 2013 there have been 4.5% more installations than 2012. So it certainly seems like things are looking up.

General 129686666

So how do we know this? Here at FENSA, we collate the installation numbers to enable us to compare different years, quarters and even months. For example we know that notifications in December 2013 were up by 25% on December 2012. Of course all this information is very useful statistically but more than that it provides a vital insight in to the health of our industry.

The figures we have just published are very encouraging, with 75% of monthly notifications in 2013 higher than 2012 as can be seen below:

April 2013 +11.3%

May 2013 +2.9%

June 2013 +12%

July 2013 +9.9%

August 2013 +5.5%

September 2013 +13.2%

October 2013 +0.5%

December 2013 +25.2%

The total number of installations for 2013 was 702,495, quite an amazing figure, although still 27% lower than the highest point in 2007. But seven years on it appears our industry is now going in the right direction and hopefully this growth will continue throughout 2014. Look out for our quarterly figures which we will be publishing during the year.

open window

We mentioned at the beginning of this blog the bad weather that has plagued us for the last few weeks and would like to know if you have found it has affected your business. Please let us know about your experiences in the comments below.


One Response to “Things are looking up!”

  1. Max Thornton April 28, 2014 at 10:00 pm #

    Great news but you must remember what the weather was like for the first 3/4 months of last year. There was widespread snow and very cold weather, this made it difficult for installers and salesmen alike!

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