Building Blocks Series 14: City Hall

17 Dec

This month’s iconic building is City Hall, home to the Mayor of London and the London assembly.

It was designed by Foster & Partners to be a new landmark for the capital. In this blog we will see if they have succeeded in their challenge.

Source Wikimedia

Source Wikimedia


The first thing we noticed was its striking, round shape covered in glass. It is actually a geometrically modified sphere, scientifically designed to reduce heat loss from its surface and to be as Green as possible. To that end it has solar panels on the roof and also leans back by 31 degrees to allow for natural shading from sunlight. The heat produced by lights and computers is even recycled back throughout the building. Cold water from the water table under London is used instead of refrigeration to air condition the building and then used for flushing the toilets.


Source Wikimedia

Source Wikimedia


One of the major features which we know you will be interested in is the 7,300 sq metres of triple glazed low, emissivity coated, clear glass windows cladding the building.  These can be opened in office areas to allow for natural ventilation. The windows also incorporate self-shading devices. The unique shape of City Hall minimises its surface area by 25% of an equivalent rectangular building and combined with the high performance windows results in its excellent energy efficiency. City Hall currently uses a quarter of the energy of a similar building.


If you would like to visit this amazing building it is situated on the south bank of the Thames just along from the HMS Belfast.  You won’t be able to miss it! You can even book the top floor for an event from a corporate event to a civil wedding!



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