Homeowner Inspection Requests

1 Nov

It is great to see the interest shown by our installers in our newsletters. The September issue was packed with information and facts on several of the major topics in the fenestration industry at the moment, including MTCs, Transition to Certified Installer, the BFRC homeowner window energy rating certificate, and homeowner inspection requests.

The homeowner inspection request information caused quite a stir among installers on FENSA’s social media and resulted in a number of questions about them and concerns about how they work.



We have put this blog together with those questions and the answers to help make the process clear and put everyone’s minds at rest.

  • Is there a time limit to when Homeowner can ask for inspection?

No, but each case is considered on an individual basis, dependent on the nature of the complaint

  • Can the installer be present at the time of the inspection?

For pre-inspections, we do need the installer to be present.

For post inspections, there is no reason why the installer cannot be present if he chooses.

  • Does the installer get paid for their time?

Unfortunately the installer would not be paid at this point but please see the next question.

  • Who pays for the inspection that is requested by the homeowner?

If the inspection passes the homeowner will have to pay for the inspection, currently £250, if the inspection fails the installer will have to pay.

  • Why is the homeowner request inspection more expensive?

A normal inspection normally costs £100. The homeowner request inspections are more detailed and are individually organised.

  • How is FENSA qualified to judge on quality issues, given their original remit is to judge on compliance?

The homeowner request inspections will be inspected for compliance with the Building Regulation, not on workmanship or quality issues.

  • How can the impartiality of the FENSA inspector carrying out the investigation be guaranteed?

FENSA uses an independent inspection body, the BBA (British Board of Agrément) that is UKAS accredited and is regularly audited by them to ensure independence, quality and impartiality. The BBA works to the latest industry standards –BS 8213-4: 2007, the GGF’s Codes of Practice on Window Installation (The Good Practice Guide for the Installation of Replacement Windows and Doors). BBA’s certification and inspection services are recognised by building control, local authorities, industry insurers and key trade associations in the construction industry.

  • What if customers abuse the system?

When a homeowner request inspection is carried out, we have found they often pass as most companies are complying and working to the required standard resulting in the homeowner paying for the inspection.


Well, a lot of information for you to take on board but hopefully useful and helpful information.

If you still have concerns or questions about the inspections, please feel free to ask them in the comments below.


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