Top Trade Tips

1 Oct


We have talked before on social media about top trade tips, so here are some of them – let us know what you think.


  • Maintain a positive, professional manner at all times when your customer is present and even when they are not.
  • Our industry can be a dangerous place so never undertake work in such a way that could put yourself or others in harm’s way.
  • Do not arrive late as this can adversely affect your relationship with your customer. If you really have to let them down, let them know the sooner the better and reschedule.
  • Keep your training up to date like Building Regulations and First Aid lapse. You never know when you will need to call on the knowledge.
  • Don’t let certificates like Public Liability, Insurance Backed Guarantee Insurance, and Business Insurance lapse.
  • Think about your own and your customer’s safety. Wear the correct PPE for the job you are doing. Ultimately you will be the one who suffers if something goes wrong.
  • Explain all the safety procedures you have put in place with the homeowner so they can help you implement them. This is especially important if they have children running around.
  • Keep up with the maintenance on your vehicle and plan the MOT well in advance.  Your commitments could suffer if you are suddenly unable to get about because your vehicle is sitting in the garage.
  • If you have work experience student or apprentice, make sure they are never left unsupervised.



So, is your tip here? If you have another tip please feel free to add it in the comments.


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