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G13 Awards Best of Luck!

28 Oct

We all know how important it is to recognise hard work and dedication, and the Fenestration industry is no exception. The annual G Awards are held to celebrate the outstanding performance of companies and individuals in our industry during the year. The Awards are a great opportunity to raise morale, and show the public the outstanding products, services, development and innovation from all areas of our industry.

It is a particularly exciting event this year as the G Awards celebrate their 10th year on 29th November making these the G13 Awards.

FENSA is proud to be one of the main event sponsors. Here is a Gallery of some images of last year’s awards to whet your appetite.


It is free to enter the Awards and there are 12 categories to choose from. They are open to everyone and you can enter as many categories as you wish. To help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the awards, new categories have been added. However entries have closed now so if you have missed the deadline, remember to put a date in your diary for next year’s G14 Awards.

The organisation for the G13 Awards is well under way and the finalists have been announced.


We would like to take this opportunity to wish all the finalists Good Luck!

A great event is always made even better with good food and entertainment and to that end the G13 Awards evening finishes with a Gala Dinner at the London Hilton.


The G13 Awards will be hosted by comedian; author and TV presenter Dara O’Brian who we are sure will make for an entertaining evening! We hope you can join us but please be aware booking is essential.

Building Blocks Series 12: The Great Glasshouse

18 Oct

Our next iconic building in our Building Blocks series may be one you have visited, nestled in the heart of the beautiful Welsh countryside lies The Great Glasshouse.

Source Wikimedia Commons

Source Wikimedia Commons

At first glance this may not seem such a remarkable structure until you learn more about it.

Let’s start with a few facts and figures.

  • It has the accolade of being the largest single span Glasshouse in the world, measuring 110m by 60m
  • The elliptical glass dome covers 4500 square metres
  • There are 785 panes of glass each measuring 4 by 1.5m. The glass panes consist of two 9mm thick sheets of glass with a laminated film sandwiched in between.
  • The dome itself is tilted by 7 degrees from its axis, facing south to allow as much sunlight as possible to hit it.
Source Wikimedia Commons

Source Wikimedia Commons

So, already it sounds an impressive well designed building by the architects, Lord Norman Foster and Partners, but what is it for?

The Glasshouse is a huge green house divided in to five regions of the world dedicated to preserving and protecting endangered plants throughout the word. Climate control prevents the Glasshouse from falling below 9 degrees Celsius, with fans mounted around the building to simulate natural conditions. A computer controls 147 vents to help maintain the natural conditions.

A lot of major technology has been implemented to ensure the survival and flourishing of the 432 genera or groups of plants that inhabit it.

Source Wikimedia Commons

Source Wikimedia Commons

The Great Glasshouse opened in May 2000 and is the most visited botanical garden in Wales.

So it sounds like a great place to aim to visit and we would be interested to hear about your experience if you have been to the Glasshouse.

Attend our FREE online webinars on the FENSA MTC Card

8 Oct

As you know here at FENSA we strive to make sure our installers are fully informed of all changes and updates to the Fenestration industry. We know it can be stressful and time consuming trying to keep up, when you are out there busy installing windows.  You have probably seen our installer question and answer sessions on Twitter and our blog posts full of helpful information.

Those of you who were able to attend the FIT Show may have attended one of our seminars or question sessions. These proved to be very successful and popular

As there is so much happening in the Fenestration industry at the moment with the introduction of Minimal Technical Competencies (MTCs) and Transition to Certified Installer status (TCI), we wanted to do even more to get the information to everybody.

To that end we have an exciting new initiative in the form of Webinars. If you are a FENSA installer you will be able to find information about the launch of the Webinars in the latest FENSA newsletter.


The Webinars are free and are a not to be missed opportunity to have your questions answered. The first two Webinars will be on Minimum Technical Competencies (MTC). We will also be running Webinars on Transition to Certified Installer status shortly.

To ensure we can reach as many people as possible there will be 2 seminars on MTC, one during the day, and one in the evening as follows:

Thursday 14 Nov, 7.00-8.00pm and Thursday 28 Nov, 1.00-2.00pm.

So, what are they and how does it work?

Each Webinar is an hour long session packed with information.

The first thing you need to do is register your FREE place .  Don’t worry there are no costs involved and there is no limit to the number of people who can register. During the Webinar, you will just need a computer with a speaker and of course an internet connection.

We also have a new schedule of Question and Answer sessions on Twitter, following a slightly different format, again in an effort to reach as many installers as possible. We will cover the main topics of MTC and Transition as compliance with these changes is mandatory by June 2014.

Question _130787843

Take a look at the schedule and you will be able to decide which time and date suits you best. To join in the Twitter sessions, you will need a Twitter account which is free and takes seconds to set up. Make sure you are following . During the session you can ask your questions just by tweeting @FENSA_windows or just read the information presented.

MTC Q&A Sessions

Tuesday 22nd October 7-8pm

Tuesday 19th November 11-12pm

Thursday 12th December 7-8pm

Transition TCI Q&A Sessions

Wednesday 9th October 12-1pm

Thursday November 7th 7-8pm

Wednesday 4th December 2-3pm

So we are ready and organised. Don’t forget to put these dates in your diary. We will be reminding everyone via our social media as well.

Top Trade Tips

1 Oct


We have talked before on social media about top trade tips, so here are some of them – let us know what you think.


  • Maintain a positive, professional manner at all times when your customer is present and even when they are not.
  • Our industry can be a dangerous place so never undertake work in such a way that could put yourself or others in harm’s way.
  • Do not arrive late as this can adversely affect your relationship with your customer. If you really have to let them down, let them know the sooner the better and reschedule.
  • Keep your training up to date like Building Regulations and First Aid lapse. You never know when you will need to call on the knowledge.
  • Don’t let certificates like Public Liability, Insurance Backed Guarantee Insurance, and Business Insurance lapse.
  • Think about your own and your customer’s safety. Wear the correct PPE for the job you are doing. Ultimately you will be the one who suffers if something goes wrong.
  • Explain all the safety procedures you have put in place with the homeowner so they can help you implement them. This is especially important if they have children running around.
  • Keep up with the maintenance on your vehicle and plan the MOT well in advance.  Your commitments could suffer if you are suddenly unable to get about because your vehicle is sitting in the garage.
  • If you have work experience student or apprentice, make sure they are never left unsupervised.



So, is your tip here? If you have another tip please feel free to add it in the comments.