The Jargon!

9 Sep

What is a MTC card? What does FENSA stand for? These and many more are the sort of questions we are asked all the time. So we thought it would be a good idea to write a blog explaining some of the jargon!

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OK, let’s start with:

FENSA is an acronym for the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme. It was set up following government encouragement, by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) and other industry bodies as a result of the change in building regulations in April 2002. FENSA allows registered installers to self-certify their work conforms to the building regulations.

Revised glazing CPS requirements have been set out by the government. Transition to certified installer is the process whereby a registered installer makes the transition to certified installer and by doing so fulfils these new requirements. Transition needs to be completed by June 2014 or the installer will no longer be able to self-certify. These measures will increase standards within our industry. For FENSA installers, there is a full guide to the transition together with a document check list available at


MTC stands for Minimum Technical Competencies. These are a set of criteria introduced by the government that installers and surveyors must meet when replacing windows and doors in domestic properties. Every installer and surveyor must be able to satisfy MTCs by June 2014 to continue working through any glazing Competent Persons Schemes.  MTC compliance work hand-in-hand with the declarations of installer and surveyor experience or qualifications made by installation companies as they transition to Certified Installer status.  The FENSA MTC card is the easiest way to demonstrate compliance cost effectively and applications are open to everyone who is a member of ‘any’ replacement window/door glazing Competent Person Scheme. Register for your FENSA MTC Card at

The DCLG is the Department for Communities and Local Government which is a ministerial department. One of its responsibilities is making the planning system work more efficiently and effectively.


UKAS is the abbreviation for the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. The government recognises this body to assess internationally agreed standards are met. FENSA is UKAS accredited.


The Green Deal is a government environmental initiative to enable homeowners to make energy saving improvements to their home without paying the costs up front. Double glazing is included in the Green Deal. FENSA is a UKAS Green Deal Certification Body which means we can provide assessments for our companies to become certified as Green Deal Installers.  FENSA installers who wish to become a Green Deal certified installer with FENSA can email or phone 020 7645 3700.


TrustMark is a government endorsed scheme to help homeowners find trustworthy and reputable trades’ people. FENSA has been an approved TrustMark Scheme Operator since 2007 which means, if you want to register for TrustMark, as a FENSA registered business, because you have already been vetted, you automatically qualify (Providing you have traded for 12 months).

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Well how did you do? Did you find some useful information in our definitions?




3 Responses to “The Jargon!”

  1. Windows Scunthorpe September 25, 2013 at 9:24 am #

    I will send my customers to this page in future, there seems that most customers do not understand what these marks mean. I oftern get asked “Are your windows FENSA registered?” 🙂

  2. uPVC Doors September 25, 2013 at 9:30 am #

    I agree with Neil, we are a trade supplier of doors and windows, we often get DIY customers asking about fensa certificates. We advise them as best as we can but then recommend that they contact registered fitter to install and provide a certificate.

    Is it right that they can pay for a fensa rep to certify a DIY job?

    • Admin October 2, 2013 at 9:47 am #

      Thanks for your comment. However it is not possible to pay a FENSA registered installer to certify DIY work. If someone wants to install a notifiable replacement glazing installation as a DIY job, it would be no different to an installer who is not certified with a Competent Person Scheme.
      They would have to pay for their work to be inspected and approved via their relevant local authority, They cannot have a FENSA (or other replacement window/door Competent Person Scheme)‘certifying’ their work.

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