MTC Update

19 Aug

Following on from our installer question time on the topic of Minimum Technical Competencies (MTCs) we have written this blog to bring together the concerns and queries that were raised during the session. It seemed most helpful to list the questions with an explanation of the answer.



One of the major confusions was whether the MTCs are the same as Transition to Certified Installer status?

No, the MTCs have been introduced by the Government to allow the individual to improve their credentials. The Transition to Certified Installer status relates to the registered company.

I already have a CSCS card so why do I need another card?

The CSCS card shows compliance within the construction industry but is not relevant to the domestic replacement glazing industry. It is now a government requirement to have a MTC card for our industry.





I am not FENSA registered but heard I can still apply for a FENSA MTC card.

Yes that is correct. The FENSA MTC card is transferable across employers and other glazing Competent Person schemes. So even if you are registered with another glazing CPS you can still have a FENSA MTC card. The card is individual to you and is recognised throughout the industry.





I have registered for my FENSA MTC card but not heard anything. Should I reapply?

No, if you successfully registered for your MTC card we will soon be in touch. We are working our way through the 1000 plus applications we have received to date!

Will the MTCs make any difference to the homeowner?

Yes, earlier this year we undertook a nationwide newspaper campaign to make the homeowner and the general public aware of the benefits of using an installer with an MTC card. We are committed to raising consumer awareness of the benefits of using a FENSA registered company and will continue this campaign throughout 2013 and in to 2014.

I replace domestic glazing through the building control route and am not part of a CPS. Do I still need a FENSA MTC card?

No, in this instance you do not need to comply with the Fenestration industry’s MTCs. However you are still welcome to apply for a FENSA MTC card as it is a great opportunity to improve your credentials and to improve the professional image of the industry as a whole.

We hope you find this blog post a useful source of information about MTCs. Please look out for our future installer question times on Twitter where we aim to keep you fully informed of changes and improvements to our industry.


One Response to “MTC Update”

  1. uPVC Windows Sheffield August 19, 2013 at 8:52 am #

    Thanks for the info; it is good to have a reliable source of information and not just ‘chinese-whispers’ between companies.

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