Update on Transition to Certified Installer

29 Jul

Here at FENSA we try to keep our installers as well informed as we can on industry developments. To that end we recently held our first installer question time.


It seemed pertinent to select ‘Transition to Certified Installer’ as the first topic for discussion as the transition inspections from Competent Person to Certified Installer status have begun. We have found that 30% of our installers are failing the inspections because they didn’t have the correct documentation available to the inspectors. This is not to say they didn’t actually have the documentation but that it wasn’t onsite. To avoid an inspection failure you must have all your paperwork in order and readily available to the inspector.

As a result of our installer question time we learnt that you may not be sure of the necessary documentation. Maybe you missed the email that was sent to all FENSA registered businesses recently.

So let’s see what you need to get organised before your inspection date.


1. FENSA Approved Insurance Backed Guarantee – Evidence of Provider & Membership No

2. Customer Contract with terms and conditions

3. Customer Specification Survey Sheet

4. Contract for Subcontractors

5. Health & Safety Document (if you have five or more employees)

6. Public Liability Insurance Certificate – min. £2m

7. Employment Liability Insurance Certificate – min. £10m.

8. Complaints Procedure

9. Staff Competency Form

It may look like a long and complicated list but if you break it down it mainly just contains documents that you have in folders in the office or stored on your computer. It is just a question of sorting it out and getting it out to the inspection site! A little organisation and work beforehand could help you avoid a failed transition inspection.

We want you to get it right and pass your inspection first time around. If you fail the inspection it will cost £130+VAT. Something definitely to be avoided!

The simple message is have all your transition documents onsite at your transition inspection for the inspectors to check.

In our helpful ‘FENSA’s Guide to the Transition’ is a document check list that you can work through to make sure you have everything you need. Just go to http://www.fensaonline.com then on the main menu, click ‘Revised Scheme – Transition’. We are now holding regular installer question times, just keep an eye on @Fensa_Windows for the next one.


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