Save Energy, save Money and save the Planet all at the same time?

28 Jun

How can you make your home more energy efficient and at the same time save on your energy bills?

There are many steps you can take to make your home more energy efficient from something as simple as turning off a light to installing replacement double glazing.

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Try out some of our tips and you will be saving energy, money on your energy bills and the planet itself. Here are some adjustments that can be made with little or no expense, several of which seem to involve turning things down!



  • ·Heating: Hopefully this should be a tip that will only be useful in the winter! Turn it down by one degree and over the next few days see if you feel warm enough. If you do try turning it down another degree and so on until you feel chilly then turn it back up one degree. This can be very beneficial as every degree lower your thermostat is set at could be a saving of around £65 a year on the energy bill. Well worth a try.
  • ·Hot water: The same method can be applied to the temperature of your hot water. How many of us find it so hot we have to add cold water? There is usually no need to have the temperature set higher than 140 degrees.
  • ·Washing machine: Most laundry can be washed at 30 degrees which not only uses less electricity to heat the water but usually means the wash cycle is shorter as well saving even more electricity. Here the power of the sun and wind can be very useful to dry the laundry if you can get it outside to dry.
  • ·Fridge/Freezer: Your fridge and freezer cannot be turned off but you should check what the thermostat is set at. If it has an energy saving setting make sure it is on that and if not check the manual for the most efficient setting.
  • ·Energy saving light bulbs: These are a good investment and have come down in price. They are now made in different sizes as well so they fit in more light fittings. You will soon get used to the slight delay when you switch the light on!

What else can you do? It is a good idea to only boil as much water as you need to make your cuppa! Although this may sound like a trivial change to make, over a year it will save a considerable amount of electricity. This applies to turning off appliances at the wall and lights off when you leave a room. The accumulated savings add up and will reduce your energy bill.


So, it is possible to make your home more energy efficient simply by turning down and turning off but what about making more significant changes?

  • ·Replacing your windows can make your home more energy efficient by reducing the amount of heat lost. A major source of heat loss in your home is through your windows. Double or triple glazed windows help to keep the cold out and the heat in. For more information on replacement windows please take a look at our website.
  • ·Insulation: Another way to help prevent heat loss is to add insulation to the walls and roof, a very efficient way of preventing heat escaping from the home. If the heat is kept in your home you will use less energy keeping it warm and so reduce your energy bills.
  • ·Solar panels: If your home is in a suitable location you may be able to add solar panels which can produce enough energy to support your home. What a great way to obtain energy, free from the sun! It maybe that there is surplus electricity produced that can be fed in to the national grid.
  • ·Eliminate draughty areas: Have you noticed a draughty corner in your home? This is bad news as cold air will be entering your home unchecked. You will feel chilly and turn the heating up. To avoid this scenario, locate where the draught is coming from and address the problem. You may be able to make the repairs yourself but if you are in any doubt it is best to consult a professional who will know the correct materials to use and where to use them.

With a little thought and application you will be able to make your home more energy efficient and reduce your energy bills.

Have you any energy saving tips? Please share them with us in the comments.


One Response to “Save Energy, save Money and save the Planet all at the same time?”

  1. Home Heating Oil July 24, 2014 at 9:35 am #

    Great post guys! I speak from experience when I say that the heating tip works quite well! I think some people still somehow don’t believe it though! If feasible having a new thermostat fitted, preferably one in every room, is a great idea. Seems like a lot to spend but being able to have that much control over the heating in every room is of great benefit! – Caroline

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