A potted history of FENSA

26 Jun

Let’s start with a breakdown of the name. It is actually an acronym for the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme. The word fenestration comes from the Latin ‘fenestra’ which literally means an opening in a building. So fenestration covers windows and doors.


FENSA came into being as a result of a change in building regulations in April 2002.  To improve energy efficiency, the government extended building regulations to include replacement glazing and door installations in domestic properties. You will remember from previous blog posts how an enormous amount of heat is lost from the home through our windows. So it made sense to try and prevent that heat loss by ensuring our windows and doors are more energy efficient.





As with all good ideas, there needed to be a plan put in place to achieve an efficient system.  The Local Authority Building Control would not be able to cope with checking the millions of installations that take place every year. The process would end up being very time consuming for everyone involved.

There had to be another way of checking that the installations did indeed meet the new building regulations.





This is where FENSA came in.   The Glass and Glazing Federation  (GGF) set up FENSA to allow registered installers to self-certify their work conforms to the building regulations and prevent a huge bottleneck of installations waiting to be checked by the Local Authority. Of course each installer has to meet certain requirements and is continually monitored to ensure compliance with building regulations. We have a whole section on our website about how the FENSA scheme works.



Since its establishment in 2002, FENSA has issued over 9 million window and door homeowner certificates and is the recognised double glazing industry leader. One of the more recent ways that we have been helping consumers include our consumer question times that we have been running on our Twitter account. If you want to ask a question or see what others are asking, you can do so here, or check on Twitter for details of our next question time.


shutterstock_116484019 workmen

FENSA recently celebrated its 10th successful year and continues to move forward.


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