Just what is a Competent Person Scheme and how does it affect you?

28 May

A Competent Person Scheme (CPS) does exactly what it says on the tin. It enables someone to join a CPS to self-certify certain types of building work if they work in the building trade. This is an alternative to obtaining building regulations approval.  This benefits the consumer as they do not have to worry about getting the work checked by the local authority building control, which has a cost involved. It also saves time and removes the necessity of arranging the visit.

Of course the competent person has to prove that they are indeed competent. There are different CPS and each has its own application processes, rules and fees. Basically an assessment is made on each applicant to ensure the level of competence required is met before an application is approved. Then, once approved, there will be ongoing inspections of the work to make sure the standards are maintained.

Ok, so there you have a brief and concise definition of a CPS, but where does FENSA fit into all this?

FENSA started out as one of the original CPS and is still going from strength to strength over ten years later. To date FENSA has issued over 9 million window and door homeowner certificates.

When you join FENSA you become a member of a team of over 8000 companies nationwide. These include glazing companies, builders, national and smaller home improvements companies, local authorities, housing associations and property developers.





What’s more, homeowners recognise the FENSA brand. The homeowner, your potential future customer, can feel confident they are avoiding dealing with a Cowboy Builder when they see you are FENSA registered.

Here at FENSA we aim to make the registration process as painless as possible. Our staff are experienced and can lead you effortlessly through the application procedures.

Once registered we continue to help you maintain the standard of your work, using local, experienced, independent inspectors to help and advise you.

You can also take advantage of some great exclusive opportunities offered to FENSA registered companies including:

  • B&Q Trade Point DIY Card (exclusive volume discounts for FENSA Installers regardless of volume purchased). No other trade scheme delivers this
  • Discounted Fuel Cards
  • Mobile Phone and Tariff discounts

By registering for self-certification you are helping raise the integrity of the replacement window and door industry as a whole and taking an active role in making the cowboy tradesman a thing of the past.


shutterstock_99436700 Thumbs up

If you are interested in becoming FENSA registered, do feel free to ask us any questions below.


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