Building Blocks Series 7: The Sage Gateshead

23 May

For our next Building Blocks Series iconic glass building we decided to stay well and truly in the UK.

Maybe you are trying to guess which building in London we have chosen. Well, it may take a bit of guessing as this iconic building is in the North East of England on the River Tyne.

With a slightly unimpressive name, The Sage (named after one of its patrons) is a very impressive building.

The inspirational shape reflects the great arch of the nearby Tyne Bridge. Looking very futuristic, with its curved frame reminiscent of a giant sparking shell, the Sage is actually a music centre and houses three separate concert halls. Functioning as the region’s music centre it receives visitors in the region of half a million each year.


shutterstock_930025 The Sage


The building was designed by Foster and Partners, a company specialising in glass and steel constructions and completed in 2004 at the cost of £70 million. It is interesting to note that it was built as a result of the design winning a competition run by the Royal Institute of British Architects


shutterstock_30607033 The sage


As the building was to be a music centre, special attention in the design had to be paid to the acoustics. With the acoustics in mind, the amazing outer shell of glass and steel encloses the building but does not actually touch it. Even the concrete has a special higher air capacity to improve the acoustics. Now, that is dedication.


No Building Blocks Series blog would be complete without a mention of how the windows are cleaned, so as not to disappoint here are some great shots of abseiling window cleaners on the Sage.


The Sage building itself is free to enter, so if you are ever up that way why not pop along and have a look around and enjoy the great views of the surrounding area.



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