The National Fenestration Awards 2013

6 Mar

Well, we have had the G12 awards, and what a great event that was!

G12 logo

It was a fantastic opportunity to reward the hard work and dedication of those working in our industry, and have that recognition realised nationwide. Awards help to boost team morale, raise the profile of your brand, improve its value, help to generate business and provide an extra stamp of credibility among your customers.

There is now a new award in the form of The National Fenestration Awards. (NFA)

cropped-logo-small NFA

This new Industry Awards Scheme will be the first to be run online and through the power of social media. We know how important social media is to the industry as a whole. The great thing with being ‘online’ is everybody can be involved, whether they are using Facebook, Twitter, websites or any of the other forms of social media.

The NFA intends to use Twitter as its social media platform as the founders feel Twitter will be the most suitable to engage with everyone.

The general aim of the awards is to generate interest in the industry and allow people from all sectors of the industry to vote for those individuals who deserve special recognition within the Fenestration Industry

To be able to vote you will first need to register. This process only takes a few minutes and once registered you will then be kept up to date via email. There are many categories representing all the aspects of the industry and nominations are already under way. There will not be a judging panel as the nominees will be voted for by everyone. There is also an opportunity for three of the categories to be suggested by the registered voters.

industry-magazine-300x300 NFA

The National Fenestration Awards will be run by Aluminum Trade Supply and Double Glazing Blogger as well as a team of industry professionals and experts.



If this mini update has piqued your interest look out over the coming weeks for further details of the National Fenestration Awards as well as the registration process, categories and news.


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