How does technology help FENSA Fitters?

21 Jan

We thought this would be an interesting subject to discuss with the many possibilities there are now in communications. How many of us now use such things as smart phones and tablets in our everyday work and business?

Certainly, for our FENSA Fitters, keeping records, invoicing and pricing can all be managed on a laptop or tablet. This also results in less paperwork. A lap top can now be loaded up with photos of products and information on the services that can be provided. This can be accessed immediately, so if your customer is keen to get the process started, you can have everything on hand.

Many people cannot imagine life without their smart phone. How many of us fit in to that category? It has become an essential part of business equipment. You can check your appointments and set reminders so you never miss that crucial customer meeting. Gone are the days when you arrived back home or to the office to an answer phone packed with messages from your customers! Your customers can now contact you almost instantly. If you are not able to answer the phone, you can collect your messages on the go. This all makes for better customer relations.


Another technology that can be essential to a FENSA Fitter is the humble Satnav. Maybe something we now take for granted, the Satnav is an amazing asset and can prevent time being wasted driving around searching for that elusive address. It can also keep the blood pressure down!

Probably the major advance in communications is the advent of social media. Customers can now look at your business on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. They can engage with you and ask questions and obtain information that in the past would have had to be sent in the post, or via the telephone. They can also see what others have to say about your business. This can result in a much more personal and spontaneous relationship. Positive comments about your service from your customers are an added bonus!

There is little doubt technology has improved communications between the FENSA Fitter and customer. We are surrounded by innovations and gadgets that can improve the quality of the working day. We think this is a good thing, how about you?


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