Replacement windows in listed buildings

24 Sep

There is often confusion over the subject of replacement windows in Listed Buildings, as to whether or not they come under FENSA’s remit. So in an effort to end the confusion, we decided to write a short blog post on how it all works.

The important thing to note here is that;
Replacement windows in aluminium or PVCu plastic cannot reproduce the character of old timber ones, and are therefore always deemed unacceptable in Listed Buildings.

listed building

Basically Listed Buildings are such an irreplaceable part of our cultural heritage they really need to be protected. So what does this protection involve? For almost any work to be undertaken to a Listed Building, there has to be Listed Building Consent and building approval from the relevant Local Authority. This is to make sure no changes or alterations are made. In fact any unauthorised work to a listed building is a criminal offence, and carries heavy penalties.
So the part of this that is important from FENSA’s point of view is that double glazed windows cannot be fitted in Listed Buildings and cannot be registered with FENSA – this would fall under the jurisdiction of the relevant Local Authority.
So there you have it! Although, in the majority of situations replacement glazing can be registered through FENSA, there are some other situations where FENSA does not apply and you must go through the Local Authority process – these are conservatories, porches, commercial premises or new build properties or extensions.

For more information on FENSA’s remit you can always take a look at another of our blog posts.


2 Responses to “Replacement windows in listed buildings”

  1. AWM_PVC October 3, 2012 at 2:07 pm #

    Good clarification on this subject. I do often feel sorry for people who have bought a listed property as they must have quite a shock when they find out the bill for wooden double glazing. Although I do not encounter many listed buldings for replacement double glazing it is good to know that uPVC is not acceptable in any circumstance.

  2. window replacement Toronto May 25, 2013 at 11:39 am #

    Hello. it;s my first time to visit your site. It’s not often that window replacement tops a facility executive’s to-do list. After all, many windows last for decades. And replacing them is expensive. Some of the people can’t afford it. If we are interested to replace it. We can.

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