How happy are your customers?

5 Sep

There are many aspects to the double glazing industry we find ourselves associated with, one of which is customer service. A post from the DoubleGlazingBlogger on this topic, prompted us to put our thoughts together too. Installers – do let us know what you think of this post and if you agree (or not?). Customers – please let us know your experiences of the customer service provided by a FENSA installer.

So, first off, let’s analyse what we mean by Customer Service. The Wikipedia definition is:

Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.

This is very concise, but we know there is a lot more to it than that. Here are some top tips…

Happy Customers pass on positive feedback

Good customer service sends your customers away happy enough to pass positive feedback about your business, along to their friends and family. They may even make a positive recommendation about you on social media such as your Twitter or Facebook page. You can already see the pattern, their positive feedback then encourages more customers and so on!

How to do this? Well, the answer is forming a good relationship with your customers. Imagine you are the customer and consider all the things that would annoy and distress you, and address those situations. The customer will judge you by what you do and not by what you say. Words are easy; the customer will want to see actions.

Simple things are important. Things like answering the phone and returning messages. Do not say you will do something unless you know you can! Pay attention to what your customer is telling you, as it can prevent misunderstandings in the future and can help solve problems early on. Deal with problems as they occur – you may be able to salvage a bad situation before the customer loses trust and you lose their business.

Always be helpful, even if there’s no immediate gain, as a customer can have a long memory and that act of kindness will not be forgotten. Make sure all your staff have enough knowledge to answer customer questions and that they implement your good customer service
strategies. Try to go the extra mile, it may seem a big effort but will be beneficial in the long run, when your customer passes on your phone number to their family member, friend or colleague!


Confidence in FENSA installers

So what about customer service for FENSA installers, specifically? Well, all FENSA registered companies are continually re-assessed by an independent inspection body to ensure consistence of Building Regulations adherence and service. Customers can also rate a FENSA Fitters customer service using a rating score for installers on a feedback form provided with their certificate.

However, we also know that, unfortunately, in very rare occasions, there may be a cause for complaint about customer service. One of the most difficult things is knowing where to take such a complaint. We provide more information for consumers about customer service here.


One Response to “How happy are your customers?”

  1. AWM uPVC Windows (@AWM_uPVC) October 11, 2012 at 4:38 pm #

    I definitely agree. It really doesn’t cost anything to go the extra mile to make sure clients are happy and think of us as friends when the job is completed. In fact it generates a lot more business.

    I always make a point to revisit my customers after their installation to view the work and I always tell them to call me personally if they have any problems. This does get us a lot of recommendation work and people are happy to send in thank you letters.

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