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BFRC exclusive offer to FENSA installers

23 Aug

As you know, we like to keep our installers informed of initiatives that can help your business. So in this blog post we just wanted to make sure you’re aware that the BFRC is making an exclusive offer available to FENSA installers when they sign up to the BFRC’s Authorised Retailer scheme. This scheme enables you to have your own label on windows that you install.

Become a BFRC Authorised Retailer

Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important and homeowners are now, more than ever, aware of the benefits of investing in energy efficient and green products. With influential bodies such as the Energy Saving Trust supporting and promoting Energy Efficiency in the home, this trend is set to continue.

Therefore, the BFRC Authorised Retailer scheme is a way of demonstrating that your business is one step ahead in the energy efficiency arena. FENSA installers can now join the scheme for just £11.99 ex VAT per month, and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Up to 10 Window or Door energy licenses
  • Energy labels in your own company name (not the IGU suppliers)
  • Flexibility to source IGUs independently
  • Source unglazed WER frames from your licensed holder
  • Building regulation compliance with a WER of ‘C’ or better
  • Homeowners receive FENSA WER Compliance Certificate
  • Raises the profile of your products as BFRC have full consumer and trade recognition.
  • Listing on the BFRC website

The contract for the scheme will be for 12 months minimum. Additional information on this offer can be found on the FENSA website within the installer’s login. Any enquiries or questions, please contact the BFRC directly on 0207 403 9200 or ask us in the comments box below.