Update on the Green Deal for Installers

27 Jul

The Government’s Green Deal could have a significant impact on the market for replacement windows and doors.  However, as with all major, new initiatives, there is a lot of discussion and decisions taking place before the final product is launched. Inevitably, there is also dissent. You may have heard that the GGF was asked to take legal action against the government, as some people are worried the Green Deal will not benefit smaller companies. 

The GGF has decided not to take this action, as they feel it is better to continue working with the government rather than against it, as that way, they can better represent the double glazing industry and make the Green Deal work for all companies regardless of size, status or profile.

Therefore, given all the discussions and questions, we have put this blog post together to help our installers better understand what the Green Deal means for them. Please take a look and share it with your colleagues too. Any questions? Just add them in the comments box below and we will do our best to answer them

Just what is the Green Deal again?

Green Deal is the Government’s leading environmental initiative allowing homeowners to finance the installation of energy efficient windows and doors through the future savings on their energy bills.  But only Green Deal certified window installation companies can to do this work, operating through an official Green Deal ‘Provider’.

Joining the Green Deal

FENSA is able to offer its Registered Businesses the opportunity to benefit from any work generated by providing them with a quick and easy route to Green Deal certification and initiating the relationship with their Green Deal ‘Provider’.

The FENSA UKAS certification that we shared with you in June has allowed us to provide this certification process for the Green Deal back to our installers. If you are not sure of the details, have another look and refresh your memory.

The Green Deal Requirements

  1.  Window companies will need to be certified to PAS 2030.  This is a new BSI standard covering “Improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings and specification for installation process, process management and service provision.”  The full pack of the required documentation is available from www.BSigroup.com and costs £95.
  2. Green Deal certified installation companies will be subject to audits of management processes at their main office or place of business by registered FENSA inspectors.
  3. There will also be a requirement for full consumer protection insurance and processes to be in place.

Don’t want to sign up to be Green Deal certified?

That’s fine.Becoming a Green Deal Certified Installer is optional. However, it will give companies a commercial advantage when it comes to winning Green Deal work. Please remember, there are also new Competent Person Scheme requirements that are mandatory. You will have received an email but these are also detailed in this blog post. We will be providing guidance on these new regulations over the next few months.

So where does all this leave you, we hear you ask! The bottom line is FENSA will help Registered Businesses to sign up as a Green Deal supplier and take advantage of the Green Deal Benefits. We will soon be publishing our ‘Guide to The Green Deal’ and will be notifying our installers of the launch of the FENSA Green Deal sign up, by email, after the summer holidays.

So, as they say ‘watch this space’


3 Responses to “Update on the Green Deal for Installers”

  1. Garry Stevens Smith August 4, 2012 at 2:51 pm #

    PAS2030 covers 26 different measures within the Green Deal. The other 20 measures really fall under renewables. A lot of installers will miss out on an incredible amount of work the Green Deal potentially offers, if not accredited. The reason for PAS2030 is the fact that consumers are borrowing money, the Provider is ultimately responsible and it’s a means to protect them and the lenders.

    ecogen would love to talk to Fensa as we are working with other certification bodies in order to help installers in the wider measures of PAS2030, and to help their installers not only pass with PAS2030 but be able to provide a considerable amount of work.

    We’ll shortly be launching a FAST TRACK PAS2030 Green Deal Installer Programme.

  2. John Martin August 24, 2012 at 9:08 am #

    Green Deal will launch as an unrefined offering and will be developed by industry to fit into the appropriate market framework, the basic mechanisms will be in place but it will be a steep learning curve for all involved and will be a bumpy ride, installers should ensure they are not mislead into spending thousands of pounds, when far more cost effective and simple solutions are available. You need to be in a position to take advantage at launch, but do so in a considered way, there will be a backlog to approving installers as the launch date approaches and this could be significant so decide if you want to be in it from the start or hold on until the dust settles and then take a look


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