The FENSA remit

12 Jul

Over the past few weeks we have been speaking on social media (mainly our Twitter and Facebook page) with consumers who are unclear as to the FENSA remit.

Look for the FENSA logo when selecting a window installer

Remit and Scope

So what is FENSA’s remit? Well essentially, the FENSA remit covers the installation and compliance of windows in accordance to Building Control regulations, for companies that are FENSA registered. FENSA can also act against companies that misuse the FENSA logo or use it when they are not Registered Installers.

If an installer doesn’t meet the standards set out by the building regulations, then FENSA will try to ensure that the installer corrects the installation at no additional charge to the consumer. In addition, FENSA will ensure that the company in question has more of its installations independently inspected (than the norm) to ensure building regulations are met and standards maintained.

FENSA also proactively protects consumers from cowboys – not only by withholding the scheme from those unable to pass FENSA’s independent assessments; but also by reporting to Local Authorities and Trading Standards companies who erroneously claim FENSA registration. Any company found to be misusing the FENSA logo / claiming to be a part of the scheme when they are not, will be prosecuted.


Confidence in FENSA installers

All FENSA registered companies are continually re-assessed by an independent inspection body to ensure consistence of Building Regulations adherence and service. An independent report commissioned by the Government found FENSA to be the most successful of all Competent Person Schemes to date in theUK, across all industries. This makes FENSA the brand that is trusted by all local authorities, industry and government, not to mention consumers.

The FENSA remit does not demand any specific brand, this means homeowners and installers have a freedom of choice when it comes to their chosen windows and doors. In addition, customers are able to provide a rating score for installers on a feedback form provided.


Knowing who to complain to…

We all know that unfortunately, in very rare occasions, something may go wrong when you are having your windows installed. One of the hardest things is knowing where to take a complaint. First off, if you have any doubt, please feel free to contact FENSA and we will point you in the right direction – if it is something we cannot deal with ourselves.

For complaints regarding a FENSA Registered company’s installation work, please follow our complaints procedure which can be found at

For misuse of the FENSA logo, or if you wish to report a company that claims to be FENSA registered, though you believe they are not, please contact (Anyone or company can report a cowboy)

For the mis-selling of products / services from any installer, please contact Trading Standards.

For any complaints against a company regarding work, pricing, invoices etc please complain to The Glazing Ombudsman (TGO – if they are a part of the TGO scheme)

Please note you can contact us via our website, via email, or via our Twitter, or Facebook if you prefer.


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