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A day in the Life of a FENSA Fitter

27 Jun

Oh, the joy of looking through those new, sparkling, energy efficient double glazed windows. But we all know there are lot of things to consider before that happens. Let’s see, there is the decision to replace the windows, and then there is the planning and choosing the company to do the work. Quite rightly a FENSA Registered company is chosen for complete peace of mind and the knowledge there will be a certificate ensuring compliance with building regulations at the end!


Do you know what it’s like to be a window installer?

But do we give a thought to the nice FENSA chap who comes along to actually fit the windows, spending a few moments chatting about the weather with a nice cuppa (one sugar please) and a digestive? Well, we thought it would be interesting to hear about a day in the life of a FENSA Fitter.

So this is where we need some help from all those great FENSA Fitters out there. We would like you to tell us about an average, or not so average day in your week, so we can get a picture together of the great work you do for consumers looking for replacement windows.

Doesn’t have to be an epic, just jot it down on the comments section below and we will do the rest! And if you really have been bitten by the writing blog, and would like to write an entire guest post – do get in touch on our Facebook or Twitter page, or let us know below..

FENSA granted Green Deal UKAS accreditation

27 Jun

You may have heard about the “Green Deal”, it’s the Government’s flagship policy for improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings in Great Britain. It’s based on a key principle that the cost of some energy efficiency measures pay for themselves over a period of time, in effect, through the resulting savings on fuel bills.


Green Deal is a great opportunity for consumers

The cost of improving the homes efficiency isn’t a personal loan, rather it’s a debt held on the property. What that means is if you sell your home, the new homeowner takes over that debt with the Green Deal until payment is complete. This associates the green benefits of having the work done back to the house and its current owner, as opposed to the person initiating the work.

There are many areas within the home that fall under the Green Deal, replacement windows and doors being just one of them.


Green Deal Installers

Energy saving measures that are paid for via the Green Deal must be carried out by a certified Green Deal installer. These installers have to be registered under the relevant certification scheme for their trade, in the case of double glazing replacement windows and doors, that scheme is FENSA.



As an existing trade certification scheme, FENSA had to be accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) to meet the Green Deal standard (PAS 2030).

As of the end of May 2012, FENSA is now in a position to certify installers to undertake Green Deal work when the scheme is launched in October this year (2012). The UKAS accreditation covers the following Green Deal measures:

  • Installation of Energy Efficient Glazing and Doors including replacement windows, doors, roof windows (sky lights) or roof lights in existing dwellings and existing buildings other than dwellings (excluding replacement of load bearing structural glass, glazed curtain walling or a revolving door).


Securing a good deal for FENSA Registered Businesses

FENSA and their sister company have been working hard behind the scenes for many months now with the Government, ensuring consumers and installers get the most from the Green Deal initiative. The GGF are in constant discussion with many potential Green Deal Providers, looking for ways to maximise access to the Green Deal for FENSA Registered Businesses.

For more information on the GGF and the Green Deal, please visit