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Skylight is the question

21 Oct

We have noticed that many consumers are searching our blog looking for information on skylights, and if they need a FENSA certificate when replacing one, or having one added to their home.

Essentially a skylight is a double glazing window, and comes within the remit of FENSA if you are replacing an existing skylight.  If it is a new opening, then your skylight installation will need to go through Building Control (this doesn’t come under FENSA’s remit).

Replacement sky light windows are within the FENSA remit

Replacement sky light windows are within the FENSA remit


Replacing a skylight

If you are replacing your skylight windows, you will still need to comply with Building Regulations and current thermal performance standards. The fact is skylights are just another window in our home.

Just like any normal window, when coming to sell your property, you will need to provide evidence that your new replacement skylight complies with the building regulations. The easiest way to prove that your skylight complies with the regulations is to have them fitted by a FENSA registered installer, who can certify the work and have a FENSA certificate issued to you.


New skylight 

By installing a new skylight, you are changing the thermal performance of that room and you must still comply with building regulations. However, a new skylight does not come under FENSA’s remit and will need to go through building control.

So good luck if you are planning any new skylights in your house or replacing any existing ones. I am sure they will look great – maybe upload some pictures of the finished windows to our Facebook
page  If you have any other questions about building regulations relating to skylights, then please do ask them below and we will do our best to help.

Focus Discussion Group

21 Oct

Are you a FENSA Registered Business? If so, we would like to hear from you and let you have your say about FENSA. How can you do that? It’s easy. Attend a Focus Discussion Group on Thursday 3rd November at 7pm.

FENSA organises a Focus Discussion Group each year as they help gain a better understanding of installer’s views and perceptions. By taking part in these Focus Groups, you are helping FENSA improve its service offering, beyond the basics of self-certification. Within a small group of 8-12 people, you share your experiences and opinions about FENSA and your views will help FENSA prioritise in 2012.

FENSA focus group

When and where

Leeds: Thursday 3rd November 2011
Arrivals: 6:45pm, Event begins: 7.00pm, Event ends: 8:30pm

Full location details will be provided upon confirmation of your free space.

Spaces are limited. To participate please email or call 020 7645 3715

Post Event

All participants will receive a case of wine or fruit hamper as a token of FENSA’s appreciation for your time.