Triple Glazing…Interested?

6 Sep


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One Response to “Triple Glazing…Interested?”

  1. Matthew Glover October 26, 2011 at 9:21 pm #

    There’s currently a lot of talk in the mainstream window industry trade press about triple glazing. At the moment, only around 1% of UK windows manufactured are triple glazed.

    But, I believe that this will increase steadily over the coming years. Our company recently went through a carbon footprint audit undertaken by SW Consulting and found that the carbon payback from installing upvc triple glazed windows, in place of double glazed ones with a U Value of 2.8 was less than three years. This is taking into account the embodied energy of of manufacture and installation, and comparing with the energy saving.

    The prices are coming down as more companies develop better systems, particularly in the uPVC sector. We’ve recently launched a website specifically for triple glazed windows: Clearly, there’s a bit of humour but the serious message is triple glazed windows are far superior to double glazed for energy saving and money saving. And there’s more comfort, better security, less noise and so on.

    The German market with a similar climate has 40% windows fitted as triple glazed. Expect the UK market to develop this way over the coming years.

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