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Selling your home?

24 Aug

Selling your home can be very stressful and it is right up there with getting married or divorced, experiencing a death in the family and serious money issues.

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Selling any home can be stressful (image provided by

One thing that could make selling your home even more stressful is not having the relevant certificates for your replacement windows. 

Replacement windows

Many of us will have at some time replaced the windows in our home and this means when it comes to selling your property you need to produce a certificate to show that those windows meet the Building Regulations.

All replacement glazing comes within the scope of the Building Regulations which were installed in April 2002. When selling your home the solicitor will ask for evidence that those replacement windows comply with the building regulations. There are two ways to prove this compliance:

  1. 1.      You have a FENSA certificate showing that the work has been completed by a competent installer and member of FENSA
  2. 2.      You have a certificate from the local authority building control stating that the installation has been approved under the building regulations

The easy option

The easy option when getting replacement windows is to use a window installer who is registered with FENSA. These installers are able to self-certify that their work is compliant with the Building Regulations and provide you with a FENSA certificate. Keep it in a safe place and when you come to selling your home that will be one less thing to stress about.

Now, don’t worry if you lose your FENSA certificate, because FENSA keeps a record of all FENSA registered installations and as such we can re-issue you with your certificate via our website. You can re-order your certificate by following this link to the FENSA website

If you opt for a window installer who isn’t registered with FENSA you will need to negotiate with the local building control to come and inspect the work, which you will probably have to pay for as an additional cost.

Parting thought

Life can be stressful and maintaining your home can be a chore so when it comes to selling your home you really can do without the added stress of producing certificates for replacement windows.

You can avoid all this by using a FENSA registered window installer and be safe in the knowledge that you will have a FENSA certificate for the new windows and can easily obtain a replacement if it is lost.