Which room would you like to makeover?

22 Jul

Decorating and getting our home just the way we want is a never ending task for many of us. We do one room, then the next, then the next,  to finally finish, only to think “we need to re-do that first  room, it’s looking a little dated now”…But what room would you most like to makeover?

New windows in the bedroom

Fitting those new bedroom windows

In a recent poll, published on our very own blog, we found that almost 50% of respondents wanted to have their bedroom made over, while only 12.5% opted for a living room. Thanks to everyone who voted. We would now like to look at how windows form part of a bedroom makeover.

The bedroom

Typically, our priority rooms to decorate in the house are those rooms which we use the most, and which our friends and family also see the most.

Looking at the results of our poll, it isn’t that surprising that the bedroom is the most popular choice of room that we want to address next. It’s probably because other rooms always take priority, so the bedroom is always that “next” room.

What does this mean though for windows?

Bedroom windows visually make a massive difference to the outside of your home, they also determine just how bright your bedroom will feel and they also have a big impact on how you sleep. If you think about it, when you sleep,  you want your room at the right temperature and you want it to be quiet and windows could play a big role here.

So if you do get around to re-doing your bedroom, remember that your windows not only have a visual impact, but they have a contribution to the thermal performance of your home too.

Look out for another poll on FENSA Fitters soon. We would love to know what you think!


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