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FENSA website for advice

25 Jul

In one of our recent FENSA Fitters polls, we asked the following question:

“Where would you go first for advice on window installation?”

Around 50% of the respondents answered ‘the FENSA website’, and that’s great, but it got us thinking, about where else you might be looking for advice and how we could help you further. Here are some of our thoughts; please let us know yours…

FENSA website

online services

Rely on the window installers for advice

Some of us like to rely on the professional window installers for advice. Indeed, we can see why you would want to ask the experts. And that is why we have our own ‘Ask the Experts’ discussion page on our Facebook page. Do please have a look on there if you have any questions to ask, and our FENSA installers will do their best to answer them.

Choose tradesmen because they are recommended

Many of us shortlist potential companies for our house renovations based on our friends’ experiences, or those of people we trust. We agree that word of mouth can be important, but remember you can still check if the company is FENSA registered on our website.

Used this window fitter before

You may have already used your window fitter before and were more than happy with their work. If so, do please let us know so we can share your experiences with others

So why check the FENSA website?

Even if you have a window installer who is recommended to you, and you rely on their advice, you should still check the FENSA website.

The FENSA website provides lots of interesting and useful information that you can access quickly. You can also use some of our online services quickly, which have proven for many consumers to be invaluable, time and time again. So here is a quick list of some of the things you can find on the FENSA website:

  • Useful advice if you are thinking of replacing your windows
  • Information on the FENSA scheme, and what it means when choosing a window fitter
  • Search for FENSA Registered Businesses in your area
  • Check a company is FENSA registered
  • Reorder your FENSA certificate
  • Information on home improvement works that do not need notifying through FENSA
  • Access to FAQs, including information on what needs to be certified regarding replacement windows
  • Information on how FENSA Registered Businesses are inspected
  • Advice and tips on how to avoid cowboys

No matter what your situation is, if you are thinking of replacing your windows or doors, and you have or haven’t got an installer, spend a few moments on the FENSA website, there is a wealth of information there that might just help you…

By the way, we do have another poll running now on the blog right now, so please do get involved and answer the question, it only takes a minute!

Which room would you like to makeover?

22 Jul

Decorating and getting our home just the way we want is a never ending task for many of us. We do one room, then the next, then the next,  to finally finish, only to think “we need to re-do that first  room, it’s looking a little dated now”…But what room would you most like to makeover?

New windows in the bedroom

Fitting those new bedroom windows

In a recent poll, published on our very own blog, we found that almost 50% of respondents wanted to have their bedroom made over, while only 12.5% opted for a living room. Thanks to everyone who voted. We would now like to look at how windows form part of a bedroom makeover.

The bedroom

Typically, our priority rooms to decorate in the house are those rooms which we use the most, and which our friends and family also see the most.

Looking at the results of our poll, it isn’t that surprising that the bedroom is the most popular choice of room that we want to address next. It’s probably because other rooms always take priority, so the bedroom is always that “next” room.

What does this mean though for windows?

Bedroom windows visually make a massive difference to the outside of your home, they also determine just how bright your bedroom will feel and they also have a big impact on how you sleep. If you think about it, when you sleep,  you want your room at the right temperature and you want it to be quiet and windows could play a big role here.

So if you do get around to re-doing your bedroom, remember that your windows not only have a visual impact, but they have a contribution to the thermal performance of your home too.

Look out for another poll on FENSA Fitters soon. We would love to know what you think!

The impact of windows

11 Jul

Windows are the eyes of a building and really can make or break a property. Not only that but they play a major role in not just the efficiency of heating our homes, but also how they look, how much noise they let in and much more.

window impact

the impact of a window

Room impact

What is the first thing you see when you walk into a room? The TV? The sofa? The fireplace? Probably none of these, you probably find that the first thing you notice is the amount of light in the room. Windows play a major role in how bright a room feels, how light and airy it feels and that’s often something we overlook. So your choice of window size can have a massive impact on how a room actually feels in your home. However, window size isn’t everything, certainly massive floor to ceiling windows are impressive and let lots of light in but the type of window you opt for has almost as much impact. Some styles and glass will let more light in than others.

Thermal impact

It’s well known and documented that windows potentially let out a lot of heat from our homes, which in turn means we need to constantly try to keep them warm which costs money. So your choice of window in your home can have a massive impact on the thermal rating of your home, which has a daily impact on your wallet. Most definitely an argument to move over to double glazing if you haven’t done so already, even more so with today’s heating bills.

Noise pollution

What actually separates you from all the noises outside your home? Essentially a few inches of brick work and glass. Windows, especially double-glazing, have a massive impact on the amount of noise that penetrates into your home. After all, we don’t want to hear people coming and going from home, we don’t want to hear the trains going past either and we most certainly don’t want to hear planes flying overhead (especially if you live on a flight path). With this in mind, you can see just how important your choice of windows can be, with some windows keeping noises out far more than others.  The impact of noise pollution on our home lives is only multiplied when you live in urban areas that can get quite noisy, so making a good choice in double glazing can mean a much quieter home life

Online FENSA consumer services

11 Jul

FENSA may be a Competent Person Scheme but it’s also a scheme that is here to ensure and protect the consumer. Our role is to ensure standards are met within the double-glazing industry by checking that certain levels are maintained. Our remit is to help promote training within the industry and to help installers do a great job, but we are also here for the consumer, by ensuring standards and regulations are met within the industry, we are helping protect consumers from the cowboys that are out there. However, joining FENSA has other benefits, for instance we reduce admin for the consumer and ensure that no hidden inspection fees are passed onto them. We also help provide consumer confidence as well as a number of other services to help consumers locate and choose the right installers for them.

So what online services do we have that are quick and easy for consumers to use?

FENSA website

online services

Locate a FENSA registered firm in your area

Locating reputable companies can be time consuming if you don’t know where to start or what to look for. On our website we provide a quick and easy to use service which allows you to find FENSA registered window fitters in your area. We only show firms that are registered members of the FENSA scheme, so if you know of a firm locally but it doesn’t show on our website, then they are not FENSA registered.

Check FENSA registration

Sometimes you will have a window fitter or company in mind to carry out your double-glazing work for you. What you can do is check their FENSA credentials with us, again through our website. All you need do is enter their registered company name and we do the rest for you.

Report a cowboy

Unfortunately cowboys are within all industries but here at FENSA we take relevant actions against companies who break the rules. However in order for us to be more effective we need your help. We have provided an online service and dedicated website for you to report cowboys to and in addition, the website also acts as a hub of information regarding how to avoid cowboys and advice on bringing cowboys to prosecution.

Reorder a FENSA certificate

We have all done it – lost important documentation and this is why we provide an online service where you can re-order your FENSA certificate (which you will need when selling your home). It’s quick and simple and all you need is your postcode, house name or number and a method of payment.