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You’ve got your windows in…

31 Jan

So your FENSA fitters have come round, done a grand job and you’re really quite happy. So now what else could be useful to remember?

Well let’s remember windows look best when they are clean. Sounds obvious but many of us get our lovely windows put in, and then for some reason we don’t keep them as clean as we could, and they don’t look quite as impressive as they should…I am of course speaking from experience here, as our back doors to the garden look a million times better once the muddy dog foot prints have been removed…We crack out the window cleaner, and after some hard work and lots of elbow grease, it’s like having our doors replaced, as they look like new again.

Window cleaners are great if you can afford them. They come round on a regular basis and do a fantastic job. It’s also worth remembering that many of them are highly competitive with their pricing too, they are good value for money….Just think how many times you have had your windows cleaned and you walk into the room and you notice it immediately. A clean window can have a big impact…

One key thing to remember about cleaning your windows is, if they are skylights; don’t climb on your tiles just to clean them. Get the step ladders out and do them from the inside, don’t even let the window cleaner have a go at them, unless he can get at them without climbing on your tiles. You don’t want broken tiles that need replacing, even

Another thing to think about is general maintenance of your windows and fittings. With a FENSA fitter you get the option of a 5-10 year insurance backed guarantee on every installation. That means even if the installation company  ‘ceases to trade’, the policy’s underwriters will consider claims under the terms of the ‘original guarantee’ for the remaining period of the guarantee. For example, if a tradesman provides you with a 10 year Insurance Backed Guarantee and then, for whatever reason, ceases to trade after 5 years, you could still submit a claim within the remaining 5 years should a fault occur on the installation.

Finally, make sure you keep hold of your FENSA certificate, if you find yourself selling your home, you will need this to prove that all work carried out, meets the building regulations and standards. That being said, if you have lost your certificate, you can always reorder from the FENSA website (

Oh one other thing, if you have really clean windows, watch out for wildlife, particularly birds, flying into them, it can get a little messy!

Reach for the Sky

28 Jan

I really think we have to face it now, the fun of Christmas and the start of the New Year is well and truly over, and for now we only have the gloom of January to look forward to. In fact, today is meant to be the gloomiest day of the year!

Ok, but just before we really do say goodbye to 2010, I just wanted to let you know the results of the Christmas poll. If you remember, we asked if you could have any new windows for Christmas, what would you choose. The overwhelming choice, with 78% of the votes, was a skylight. I thought this was really interesting, but I suppose not that suprising. I have some skylights in my house and they are a really nice way to let the light in, and make your home bright and cheerful, without actually needing to switch a light on. This can be especially important in the winter months, when the sky itself can actually be a lovely bright white, and so you home can really benefit from a skylight.

Thanks to all of you who entered our fun Christmas poll. I just wanted to let you know about our next poll, which we could really do with your help on. We would like to know what you think about Trustmark. For those of you who don’t know, Trustmark is a Government-backed scheme developed across the home improvement industry. If you use a TrustMark status company, you know the company will have been thoroughly checked and assessed as to the standards of their work and the services they are able to provide to their customers. That means, you can find local, trustworthy & reliable tradesmen, operating to Government endorsed standards. FENSA has TrustMark status and you can search for a FENSA fitter who has TrustMark status too.

Therefore, we want to know what impact having a Trustmark licenced operator makes on your decision to hire a tradesman.

Please take a few seconds to answer the poll (below or in the sidebar) and, as usual, we will let you know the results in a month or so.