Compliance and Reliability – All in a day’s work

17 Dec

Hi. Yes, it is that time of the month…..drumroll please….for the results of our latest poll. Now, we didn’t have a huge response in this poll, but from the responses we did have, the answers were very illuminating.

 We asked what was most importantly in a window fitter for you. The 2 most important qualities were deemed as ‘Compliance with building regulations’ and ‘Reliability’. Now I can definitely understand these 2 – if you have paid to get your windows done, you want a good job and to know that they are compliant with building regulations. It would be awful to have to get them all changed again further down the line because they are non-compliant. In the same way, if you have agreed a date for installation, you want the windows installed at that date, to cause minimal disruption to you. Interesting also, that value for money and availability didn’t get any votes at all – shows that knowing you are getting the job done to the standard you want is the most important thing.

feedback poll

Ok so that brings me on to the next poll. As it is nearly Christmas, we decided we would have a bit of a Christmas themed poll. So we want to know, if you  could have any new windows for Christmas what would they be?


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