Greener Windows, and we are not talking colour

16 Dec

I think by now we are all aware of how important it is to reduce our carbon footprint on our little planet. If nothing else, we are all aware of the potential cash savings we can make by ensuring we don’t let heat escape our homes (especially in the current Arctic conditions we are experiencing in the UK!).



Windows can be one of the big areas where we let heat escape our homes, be they single pane windows (rather than double glazed) or just poorly fitted. Remember, the more heat we lose, the more energy we consume to heat our homes, and the more energy we use, the more we pay in terms of cash, and our carbon footprint….ooohhh not good…



So today’s post is all about getting some quality double glazed windows fitted by a professional to get those heating bills down and reduce your carbon footprint.

New requirements for Competent Person Schemes

So first off, let’s address single pane windows. The single pane window is not great for keeping heat in. The bigger the window, the more of a loser it is in terms of keeping heat in. So have a look round your home, identify any single pane windows and think, double glazing…



Secondly, poorly fitted windows. If your windows are poorly fitted then you will be losing heat hand over fist. On top of that you may find you get some nasty drafts in the room too. I always remember my Gran saying “You’ll get a stiff neck sitting there in that draft”. I guess if you are sitting there reading this with a stiff neck, you had better check for drafts! But I digress….The point is that a professional window installer will ensure you get the benefits of double glazed windows. Saving you energy and ultimately on those energy bills.



If you are an avid DIYer, then perhaps you are thinking, “nahhh I will give that a go myself”. But windows actually take a lot of care and skill, if you want to get them to look good and installed right, and they need to be compliant with current building regulations too.





So what have we learnt, apart from sitting in a draft will give you a stiff neck…Oh yes, that well fitted double glazed windows (fitted by a pro) will lead to better thermal rating for your home, less heat escaping, lower heating bills and a lower carbon footprint…

I leave you with this thought, if everyone in the UK, all 61,792,000 of us, made sure our windows at home were double glazed and fitted well. How much of a cash saving would that be? How much of a reduction in emissions would that equate to?


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