Pesky Doors being replaced…

19 Nov

We have been contacted a couple of times now on Twitter (if you’re not following us, why not? @FENSA_Windows J) about replacement French doors and the need for a FENSA certificate. So let’s look at a typical question on this subject:

“I had a conservatory built back in ’98 and had the existing wooden French windows between the house and the conservatory kept. However, in 2002 I had these removed.

I am now selling the house and I need to put windows back. I have bought some windows and have now hung them myself, putting the conservatory back to how it was in ’98. The house buyers solicitor is now requesting a FENSA certificate for the installation, which I obviously don’t have.

cert-pic fensa

My question is, do I actually need one? After all I have replaced the windows that were there back in ’98. My second question is do I need them for single glazed doors, which is what I have used?”

Ok, well first things first, these are essentially replacement doors. You may ask why? Well that is because they replace the original footprint of the property. Because they are replacement doors, certification will need to be provided to the house buyer’s solicitor (and it is why the solicitor is asking for these). So for anybody out there reading this thinking, “I was going to do that….” then remember; the easiest option is to have a FENSA registered installer to supply and fit the new doors. In that case, you would receive your certificate and there would be no issues…

However, in our question, the home owner hung the doors themselves, so in order to obtain a certificate; they (or you if you have done the same thing) will need to go back via their local authority with a retrospective inspection through building regulations. Oh, and you will need to do this for certification.

The second part of the question asks about single glazed doors. This is a bit of a problem. Single glazed doors wouldn’t pass a building regulation inspection. This will cause an issue as you won’t be able to gain a certificate from the local authority. Unfortunately for the homeowner, these really need to be double glazed.

It’s a good example…

Hopefully this example of one of the questions we are receiving will help home owners out there understand a little more about replacement doors and windows. Unfortunately, looking through many discussion groups on the web, there is a lot of miss-information / confusion coming from home owners.  Hopefully this post will help…

If you have any questions on this, why not leave it as a comment, or contact us via our website, or catch us on Twitter (@FENSA_Windows). In addition, if you have a similar question that needs answering, get in touch…


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