What do you think about window fitters?

15 Nov

Hi all. Yes, we really want to know the answer to this question. And that is why we have set up a new poll asking what you think is most important in a window fitter. It will only take you 1 second out of your busy day, but we would really like to know  what you think, so please fill in the poll below.

Find a FENSA Window Fitter

Have you recently used a window fitter. Why did you pick them – was it based on value for money ? Or was reliability of the workmen, or their availability more important. Particularly with the cold winter weather we have been having, I can understand why you might be wanting your new windows to be installed as quickly as possible, for example.

Or is it something else altogether. Is compliance with building regulations the most important thing in a window fitter? If so, then choosing a FENSA Fitter is a good place to start, as they can self-certify that their installation complies with building regulations – without the hassle of going through Building control yourself.

And why do we want to know this you might ask? Well FENSA have over 9000 window fitter companies registered with us, and each one of them wants to provide the best service they can to their customers. And that is why knowing what you think is really important!


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