Homeowners: What you need to know about your windows

3 Nov

This may sound a little boring, but there is more to windows than just picking the ones you like the look of (sorry to say that). You have to think about building regulations, certification (when selling your home), thermal performance etc. Then on top of that, you have to make sure you don’t get a cowboy fitter…..So what do you need to know? This post will give you the basics

Thinking of replacing your windows?

All replacement glazing comes within the scope of the building regulations. Anyone who installs replacement windows or doors must comply with current thermal performance standards.  You may be asking “Why” right now, but it’s basically to ensure the reduction of energy loss is in line with Government policy. But there is a plus side for you too, lower heating bills, so its not all bad.

43866361 window with snow

When selling your property your purchaser’s solicitors will ask for evidence that any replacement glazing installed since April 2002 complies with building regulations, and there are two ways to prove this.

A certificate showing that the work was carried out by a FENSA installer

A certificate from the local authority building control stating that the installation has been approved under the building regulations To be fair, the first option is the easiest, and if you lose your certificate you can re-apply for a copy via our website www.Fensa.co.uk<http://www.Fensa.co.uk>

So what is the FENSA scheme?

FENSA was set up by all the key industry bodies and trade associations  the glass and glazing federation (GGF) at the request of the Communities and Local Government Department <http://www.communities.gov.uk/corporate/>  to allow registered companies to self-certify that their installations comply with the building regulations. This makes life easier for the industry, but also for consumers. Today FENSA is still very much industry-led in terms of its relationship with key trade bodies and with those companies that register as FENSA fitters.

 FENSA informs local authorities of all completed registered installations and will issue a certificate to the homeowner confirming compliance. Any installation undertaken by a company that isn’t registered or by you as a DIY project has to have full local authority building control approval. It is worth noting that the authorities know of all registered companies in the area and can easily identify unauthorised installations.

Before you sign a contract to buy your new replacement glazing, ask if your installer can self certify ie if they are a FENSA Fitter. In not, then you know you need to pop down the council and request an application for approval under the building regulations – but that is all a lot of time and effort, you will probably find it a lot easier just to use a FENSA Fitter in the first place.

More information

If you want more information, visit our website http://www.fensa.co.uk , we have lots of information on FENSA and what it all means to you as a homeowner. We also provide you with a search facility for installers in your area, news, faqs and a guide on spotting cowboys…


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