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Moving home and lost certificates…Nightmare…

16 Oct

You know how it is, you put your property up for sale, and then the solicitors get involved. Not only do you seem to do half of their work for them, filling in endless forms, pointing them in the right direction for searches etc, but then you get your buyers solicitors sending you all sorts of requests, most of which revolve around proof of this and that…Including wanting copies of certificates for building regulations, certificates for electrical work carried out, Corgi gas certificates, and remember, certificates for your windows!

New requirements for Competent Person Schemes

Let’s face it, if we have had the work done a while back, it’s more than likely many of these certificates may have been “miss-filed” shall we say (well in my case, maybe, just plainly lost). Well at least there is one less worry.  

When you use a FENSA registered window fitter, FENSA keep a record of all the work carried. So what does this mean for you and I? Well if you ever need that Windows Building Regulations Certificate (which you will when moving home) then FENSA can re-issue a copy of that certificate… Now that’s a life saver, means you can send your buyers solicitor a copy of the certificate and give them one less excuse for trying to knock a further 5 grand off of the asking price….

So remember always use a FENSA registered fitter, not only do you get peace of mind when your windows are being supplied and fitted, you also get peace of mind when you have to produce those window building regulations certificates. Even if you have lost, err I mean “miss-filed” them in the first place…

A big day in the window industry calendar

16 Oct

Hello, well this is our first blog for FENSA Fitters, and today we have really got something big to talk about. First off though, if you want to find out more about FENSA Fitters, do please check out the About Us Page

shutterstock_105467810 window with forest

October 1st 2010 was a big day for the window industry. This is because new regulations came into force on this day that apply to the thermal performance of windows and doors.

 All very well, you might say, but what does that have to do with me? Well actually quite a lot if you are planning on replacing your windows or doors any time soon, let me explain.

The regulations apply to all orders taken after the 1st October. It basically means that windows and doors need to be energy rated, and reach a specified thermal performance level to be complaint with Building Regulations. And so that is all very useful for you as it means lowering your heating bill – good to hear when we have the cold winter to look forward to!

 Now as long as you use a FENSA Fitter, then they will be responsible for making sure that your windows fit with the new regulations, This will depend on the products purchased, and may also involve calculations to ensure that certain values are met. The only thing that you need to know here is that if your new installation is inspected, you may need to provide evidence of the calculations. But don’t worry, we won’t be expecting you to get out you pen and paper, and try and remember your maths from school! Your fitter will leave this evidence with you, if required. If you are not sure about any of this, just ask your FENSA Fitter, or you can also ask us in the comments box below.

So all sounds pretty simple doesn’t it! All you will need to do is enjoy your new windows!